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Published: Tuesday 11 January, 2011

Jordan 9 shoes not not only enjoy the domination of the sports and particularly the Basketball circle, but they also have been incorporated with the entertainment world. For instance, it’s not anything new to see those pop music celebrities sponsored by the shoe. At the same time, the Hollywood celebrities are have not been left out too.

There are a number of celebrities of the moment, many athletes, artists and popular music have been seen wearing the Retro Jordan 9 shoes. For example, Nike and Jordan Brand have released some new model of Air Jordan shoes specifically for hip-hop music videos that were a form of product placement trick has been use in marketing. The Air Jordan shoes are on the popularity of so many movies and hip-hop artists’ show.

Air Jordan IX which is remembered primarily as the milestone in the Air Jordan shoes history. And then to be a pair of Air Jordan which with a lot of design elements from the Air Jordan 4. Shows the characteristics inherited from the Air Jordan family, the material of the fabric is top innovation in the use of the Air Jordan IV and the Air Jordan V ‘s excellent design idea, the Air Jordan 9 (IX) is something really special.

Air Jordan 9 (IX) Retro Low-White / Blue Pearl 303895-142


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