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News; How to clean your Nike shoes

Published: Wednesday 12 January, 2011

As the most of the air jordan shoes, Nike cost a lot. If you take good care of it, the Nike shoe could last for a long time. High price means good quality and high performance, but not means it could self-cleaning. Keep them clean would extend the lifetime of the shoes and maintain the traction and grip.

Keep the sneakers clean is not to ask you throw them into the washers and dryers. Maintain the shoes is a technical task. But there are still some principles you should to pay attention.

Firstly, you need a medium-size bucket to palce your air jordans shoes. Secondly, pour warm water into the bucket until the halfway and plus two tbsp of dishwashing soap. And then, wiping all the dirt and mud off the upper of the sneakers with a sponge which absorbed the soapy water. Thirdly, scrub the crevices on the soles with a toothbrush, even for any other extremely dirty parts. The last but not the least, the cheap jordan shoes should be left along until it is dry by air, not the dryers.

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