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Published: Friday 28 January, 2011

The release of the Nike Air Jordan 4 continued on with both the innovation and design by Nike as well as Michael Jordan's continued domination as the number one shoe endorser in the world. This was a very popular model when it was released and I can remember how excited people were to get a pair of these shoes.

Today, these sneakers have been re-released several times as Retro models and they continue to sell extremely well. The Air Jordan 4 can now be found in an abundance of color schemes and they are an excellent court shoe as well as going well with whatever outfit that you may be wearing.

These shoes continued to be featured in commercials with both Spike Lee and Michael Jordan which only helped to boost their popularity even more.If you find an original pair of these Air Jordan 4 shoes, they are worth a lot of money. Some of the Retro models were released in limited quantities, so they too, can bring a hefty price tag if you are even lucky enough to find a pair.

These shoes are heavily counterfeited and mass produced today and sold on the internet. If the price is under $ 73.99, you can pretty much count on them being fake. Take caution when purchasing a pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers as you want to keep in mind that you are probably not buying the real thing.


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