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Published: Friday 28 January, 2011

The Nike Air Jordan 5 sneaker was a huge hit when it was first released. Not only did it have the styling and appeal that everyone liked, but Michael Jordan 5 and the Chicago Bulls kept building their popularity during this time as well. So, basically it became a win-win situation for Michael Jordan and for Nike Air as well.During the season, Michael Jordan led the league in scoring AGAIN, as well as steals. Phil Jackson had come on as head coach and this was the very beginning of what would be an incredible sports dynasty. The Jordan 5 sneaker was designed in a breakthrough fashion and this helped to set it apart from any other shoe that was on the market at the time.

Later on, Nike would also make this shoe available as a Retro Nike model and available in a multitude of color options. Supposedly, the shoe's design was somewhat based on the World War 2 Mustang fighter planes.As with any other Michael Jordan shoe, the Air Jordan 5 is very heavily counterfeited and buyers should be aware that if the price they are paying seems to be way too good to be true, the chances are pretty good that they are not getting the official Nike branded version.The Nike Air Jordan 5 was a continued success and helped to make the Air Jordan line a staple in the Nike arsenal of shoes. This helped to keep Nike ahead of Reebok which was its chief competitor at the time. The Nike Air Jordan 5 is a must have for the serious collector of Nike shoes, especially the Air Jordan line.



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