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News; The Air Jordan 11 Retro Shoes

Published: Wednesday 05 January, 2011

The Air Jordan 11 came to the world in 1995. The Air Jordan 11 not only is the Powerful Works of Jordan series, but also produced far-reaching influence to the later Nike basketball shoes as well as the whole basketball shoes industry.

The Retro Jordan 11 made surface by paint material as a breakthrough, make the shoes became special symbols of the high-grade basketball shoes. While at the first time used the technology of palm built-in mattress, what’s more used carbon fiber board insole, make the whole pair of shoes reach perfection in the shock absorber indicators. (built-in mattress may be too soft to the inside lane players, but for large and small forwards defender the shock absorber will be properly, comfortable sense and quick reaction site are no less than any of the shoe with a commander of the palm complex modulation zoom technology) using artificial rubber which compressed into the crystal rubber at the outside bottom of the shoe , all bottom became transparent color, abnormally beautiful, shoe body adopting the reticular fiber which reduced the whole shoe's weight greatly, and it was the most portable style in the light of the Jordan series.

It is not so simple that the Jordan Retro 11 is not only a scripture and even for the development of the basketball shoes to Jordan Shoes series. We can regard it as that the Air Jordan 11 is the watershed between old-fashioned basketball shoes and modern basketball shoes. It is the most important milestone in the development of basketball history.


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