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To start, when I first pulled these boots out of the box I was skeptical, I thought there wasn't enough to them...The first day at work they kinda hurt because I have a chubby foot and they run a little narrow. (I wear a 10.5 in almost everything, I got an 11 in these) Ever since then, three weeks now, my feet have been in heaven. Not to mention, these get some looks, you wouldn't think so just because they're completely black and not flashy, but I'm breakin necks left and right!
As far as durability goes, I had some problems with the sole on the right foot, maybe not enough glue in the factory or something. Nothing a little shoe-goo can't fix though.
-End of story, super comfortable, lightweight, and the sole is pretty gnarly and rugged looking. I'd say give them a try, you WONT regret it.-
Adam "roller face" Swanson
Date Added: 09/30/2014 by Vella Diekman
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