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News; How to tell if Air Jordan 1 ‘Banned’ Are Real or Fake

Published: Saturday 08 October, 2016

The ‘Banned’ Air Jordan 1 released back in September and if you missed out on a pair and still want them, you will attempt to buy on the aftermarket. With that being said, there are so many fakes floating around it’s hard to avoid them. Here we will try and make your job easier by this video explaining how to tell if your potential purchase of the Banned Air Jordan 1 is real.

Buying a pair should come easy but with how great the fakes have become over the years, distinguish between an authentic and unauthorized Air Jordan 1 ‘Banned’ could be hard. A few things that stick out is the lace setup, bags they come with, box and even placement of materials and or stitching.

Not an end all scenario, but sometimes it’s what comes with the shoes that can distinguish between real and fakes. As you can see, the fake pair comes with with White inserts along with detached lace bags. The laces bags are a lot larger on the fakes and not rolled up correctly. As well, the lacing goes through the top eyelets. Now it would be easy to unlace them and remove the lace bags and inserts, so we don’t want to put a ton of emphasis on air Jordans.


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