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Published: Friday 28 January, 2011

There are reasons why Michael Jordan Shoes are so popular, and one of the most important of them is that they are not only as comfortable as fans want them to be, but they are also dependable on the court. One must understand that basketball shoes are required to be able to withstand the severity that the game calls for. They are judged by the ability to stop abruptly, and start swiftly as well as easily performing rapidly the instant side to side evasional movements and even the high jumps that are considered essential to the game.

Not only are Air Jordan shoes considered the best available for the above reasons but they are also representative of one of the best designer shoes available. Some of the important designs in the Jordan’s line have been Retros, Retro+’s, Samples, and Originals (OG).Interesting enough when Michael Jordan considered endorsing the Nike brand under his own name, “Air Jordans,” he was then a fan of the Converse and Addidas line. Eventually he relented to endorse them and the famous “Air Jordans” were born in 1984-85.The original design was by Peter Moore and it was quickly evident that this began a fresh period in the basketball shoe annals. As part of the innovative design of the Air Jordan I they actually featured a double set of laces. The black/red’s featured one set of red laces and another of black.

It was only after the renowned Slam Dunk competitions held at Seattle Coliseum in 1987-88 that Nike adopted the now familiar Jumpman logo. Today if you want to buy Michael Jordan shoes from this period, this is the logo that will be on them.Other designers besides Peter Moore are renowned for their special cheap Jordan shoes designs such as Bruce Kilgore, and Tinker Hatfield. Tinker Hatfield was the man behind Air Jordan III that was issued in 1988. Since 1988, Tinker Hatfield has been the award-winning designer for all Jordan shoes.

Designs began to change because of player demands. Power players requested shoes with the greatest cushioning and steadiness; therefore a heavier shoe was suggested. Fast players wanted more of a lightweight shoe but one that still offered reasonable support, flexibility and of course, cushioning. All around players requested a shoe that demonstrated a moderate amount of ankle support and also a reasonable amount of cushioning.Of course, now that Michael Jordan is retired, the Jumpman logo will also be retired, and collectors have become aware that the newest Jordan 23 sports the Jumpman logo but it is substantially smaller than previous editions of the shoe.In order to buy Air Jordans shoes now, one must go from store to store, or if you are seeking Jordan shoes online then you need to go from site to site. Let’s face it, Jordan sneakers are in hot demand, whether for the great shoes that they are, or as a legacy from Michael Jordan.Those who buy Jordan’s shoes now not only own one of the best basketball shoes known, but also have collector items that will do nothing more than grow in value.


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